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Square Enix Hoping for a Huge 3rd Birthday Party

Lately, twitter has made its case as the news outlet. Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata provided details in a tweet about the unit projections for The 3rd Birthday – Square Enix is hoping for a birthday blow out.

Before the game changed platforms to the PSP, Yoshinori Kitase – the games producer – gave the team a figure of 500,000  units to work with.  Nomura-san commented that, while this is not an official target, it does offer “an ideal sales figure image from the producer to help determine the scale of the project.”

The number makes sense when you consider the development time, character designs, and talent associated with the project; this is truly a triple A title for Square Enix. Wether or not it can hit the half a million mark remains to be seen. Given how much buzz is surrounding the game, it’s upcoming appearance at TGS, and the slow trickle of third-party titles for PSP, it just might.