DC Universe Online Has a Mission

Chris Cao, DC Universe Online Creative Director, gave brand-new details in the latest developer video regarding the mission-based gameplay in DC Universe Online. Chris doesn’t play alone, though, as he brought Jens Andersen, DCUO Creative Director, and even the legendary Jim Lee along for the ride. Apparently all is not right at the JLA Watchtower.

In detailing one of the many missions available, Chris talked about one in particular which features a prison break at the Watchtower. Criminals are held in the containment cells within the tower and Brainiac knows this, so he releases them to destabilize the Justice League. As a team, the heroes have to round-up and return the “best of the worst” as Chris called them to their individual cells. What’s interesting is that there is also a villain version as well which gives you the option to stop the heroes’ attempt to imprison you.

With a wealth of comic history to pick at, the options and missions in the game should be endless. DC Universe Online is set for release on November 2nd.