Tretton on PS3: “Anything Else is Really a Disappointment in Comparison”

With PlayStation turning fifteen this past Thursday and PlayStation Move hitting stores in just about a week, Sony and the PlayStation brand have been thrust into the spotlight yet again, with Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton leading the media assault.

The Fox Business channel recently interviewed Mr. Tretton regarding Sony’s success over the past fifteen years, along with their upcoming PlayStation Move motion controller peripherals, with most of the interview consisting of answers to questions that many of us in the general gaming public have known for months now. But towards the end of the interview, Tretton decided to land one final blow with the following message:

I think, you know, when you looked at the advent of home theater, people said “will people still continue to go to the movies?”. If you want the ultimate gaming experience, it’s in front of your big screen TV, on your PlayStation 3, and anything else is really a disappointment in comparison.

As the console wars continue to get, not only closer, but hotter and hotter, this is probably the sort of competitive talk that we should be expecting, and if your a PlayStation 3 owner, this will only amp you up even more. Jack Tretton and Kevin Butler must have a differing opinions regarding that whole philosophy about everyone “pledging allegiances to different flags” thing. Either way, more intense competition only means bigger and better things for consumers.