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Aya Needs Clothes for her 3rd Birthday

Aya Brea has gone through a lot in her life, and nothing seems to stop her… not even being half-naked. In the latest details for The 3rd Birthday, Hajime Tabata explains how she deals with the costume destruction system and the negative effect it has on her.One of the gameplay mechanics in The 3rd Birthday allows for Aya to take on damage to her clothes. Over time, those clothes eventually become battle damaged and start to wear away. In a recent twitter post, Tabata-san released an image of Aya in what he described as her “destroyed costume state”:


Here is another image from gamescom that shows  damage, although not quite as severe:


It remains to be seen exactly how “damaged” Aya can get, however, it might not be in your best interest to find out. Leaving Aya in this state is not without its cost – “At save points, you can access headquarters to fix your torn clothes. However, you can also choose not to do this” said Tabata-san.  If you don’t repair her clothing, he added that it will “hurt” multiple times more than normal. Tabata-san explained what this meant in greater detail by saying:

In other words, your emotional strength and strength of determination will be tested

The 3rd Birthday will appear at The Tokyo Game Show in a few short days; hopefully a firm release date for the US and Japan are announced.