Prepare for the Sounds of Vanquish

Platinum Games is serious about creating an enveloping experience when you play Vanquish.  To that end, they have created a soundtrack that attempts to break the norms of what is found in a typical third person shooter; and they want to share it with you.

The Vanquish Original Soundtrack is releasing in Japan on October 27, 2010 for 3990 yen ($47.00). All the intense and gritty music from the game will be spread across a three disc set. Included in the set are feature tracks from the collaborators on the project: Masafumi Takada, of The Silver Case, killer7, God Hand, and No More Heroes and Masakazu Sugimori, composer on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (GBA) and Viewtiful Joe.

Erina Niwa, Vanquish composer, had this to say about the approach to the game’s soundtrack:

With a lot of Western TPS games, the soundtrack is either rarely used, or when it is used, it seems to lack punch, but one of the things that Mikami-san told me that he wanted for the Vanquish soundtrack was for the music to “be the backup dancers for the game.” As we developed the game, a clear sense of speed emerged, as did the game’s hook, so the background music had to match that. This all lead to the up-tempo, banging soundtrack in the game today.

Even within PlatinumGames, there were those who said that the soundtrack didn’t sound like a shooter soundtrack, but since Vanquish is so aggressive, we made the soundtrack more along the lines of something from an action game. It is a blending of genres, from techno, to industrial, to breaks, metal, jungle, and even some Hollywood style scoring.

Of all the collectors items I enjoy for a game, a soundtrack is at the top of my list. Despite the price, this may be worth the import.