Capcom Brings Asura’s Wrath to PS3

While a lot of companies have been haemorrhaging information coming in to TGS, Capcom has at least managed to keep this well guarded game from prying eyes.

Announced at Capcom’s TGS conference, Asura’s Wrath is an Unreal Engine 3 powered action game which will see players hacking and slashing large NPC armies with the added help of being able to call on his inner deity for assistance – a typical Japanese action game really.

The plot behind Asura’s Wrath sounds remarkably familiar. Asura, once himself a revered deity, is betrayed by the gods and cast down as a mere mortal. And so, consumed with rage, Asura sets out on a rampage to bring the gods to justice. This already has Japanese God of War written all over it.

This game will be a part of the companies collaboration with CyberConnect2, which will be involved in all stages of development. We’ll have more news for you on this just announced game as we get it, but for now, here are some screens. First screenshots and debut trailer below.