PixelJunk Lifelike Teaser Shows PlayStation Move Support

Q-Games may be famed in the PlayStation world for creating their popular PixelJunk games for the PlayStation Network, but a little snippet of info that isn’t as well known is that they also developed the space visualizer for the PS3’s music playback function.

Now they’re combining these two assets with their interactive visualizer PixelJunk Lifelike.

A teaser was recently posted for the quote unquote ‘game’, and in true PixelJunk fashion, it shows that Lifelike will include those snappy 2D visuals from their previous games. Also returning after scoring PixelJunk Eden’s soundtrack is Baiyon, and his work is in full show in the teaser trailer.

Q Games have also worked hard over the years trying to make the most of the PS3’s features, with many if not all of their titles supporting such things as trophies, YouTube uploading and remote play.  From the looks of the teaser (and, as you’ll see,  it’s hard to spot this subtle product placement), PixelJunk Lifelike will also include support for Sony’s imminent PlayStation Move controller. In what facet isn’t confirmed, but we’re going to assume it’s for the ‘interactive’ part of that interactive visualizer description.

There weren’t any details given on price or a release date, but we should expect to see more on this electric endeavour as TGS continues.