Enslaved’s Monkey, Andy Serkis, Wants Your Questions

Actor, Andy Serkis, is really starting to turn heads with his versatility in the entertainment biz.  Beginning his now famous debut as Gollum from Lord of the Rings, Serkis has used his performance as a platform to launch himself into cinematics for game design.  He has proven that he had the grit to pull off the amazing portrayal of King Bohan in Heavenly Sword, and now seeks to show his flamboyance with Monkey from Enslaved.  Are you still curious about this man?

Andy Serkis will be taking questions directly from his fans and answering them in his own “precioussssss” style.  But you better put on your thinking cap.  Only the best questions that are submitted will be selected, and there is no given limit as to the number of questions that will be picked.  After all the questions are gathered, the answers will all be posted at http://eu.playstation.com.

Jump on over to the EU PlayStation forums and start getting your questions posted if you desire the mighty Serkis to solve the mysteries of the universe.  No time limit has be given as to when the questions will no longer be accepted, which could end sooner than you think.  Better not wait too long!