Fragnstein is Ready for Action After 3.50

Unbeknownst to most PlayStation 3 owners, firmware update 3.50 eradicated the ability for gamers to use unlicensed peripherals. This meant a variety of off-brand, aftermarket controllers and peripherals were rendered useless once PS3 owners updated their PS3’s to the latest build. However, thanks to great manufacture support, one of the more critically-acclaimed gaming pads is ready for action for your favorite online titles.

When the update went live, Fragnstein manufacture, Bannco, issued a statement for owners of the controller on their official site stating that the device was inoperable but that there was still hope due to the controller being “fully firmware upgradable”. Looks like the Fragnstein programmers nailed it as the latest update for the controller has been confirmed by our avid readers to be working and operational to a certain extent.

Called the “FragnsteinComboUpgradeV350”, the Bannco first-person shooter enhancement product is fully functional in the smooth aiming mode. If you are an owner of the controller or are on the market for either the FragFX or Fragnstein, be sure to keep this bit of info in mind. Do you have any success or failure stories with your peripherals? Tell us in the comments below!

Thanks, gamingisnotacrime, for the tip!