This Uncharted Deal is Quite the Treasure

Are you a member in the secret organization known as…Sam’s Club? If you are, or know anyone that is, you better head over there quick for a steal of a deal.

Just appearing online, Sam’s Club is offering a sweet deal for the original PS3 classic Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune plus a DualShock 3 controller for just $48. Let’s break it down. The Greatest Hits price of the game, subtracted from the total price comes to… A new controller for just $18? Considering that new DualShocks run about $55 brand new (even those fancy pink ones), this seems totally worth it. With the unbelievable success of its sequel, there are a lot of people still interested in Nathan Drake’s first adventure. You can check out PlayStation Lifestyle’s review of the game, but chances are you won’t have to, because you know this game is great.

Head over to your local Sam’s Club or go to here to order!