Q-Games Considering PixelJunk Monsters 2

With PixelJunk Shooter 2 still out somewhere on the horizon and PixeJunk Lifelike recently teased at the Tokyo Game Show, the eclectic Q-Games could have anything up their sleeves. A sequel to an existing franchise is definitely one of the possibilities.

Enhancing old products is nothing that Dylan Cuthbert and his staff at Q-Games are strangers too. While the first trio PixelJunk games had just downloadable add-ons (and one with a PSP port), there were so many new ideas and concepts for Shooter that a full-fledged was called to deliver the title. Thus, the first true PixelJunk sequel was born. But the Kyoto-based team wouldn’t mind going back and revamping another title for the sequel treatment either.  At a TGS meeting Cuthbert even went to far as to say, “We want to make a PixelJunk Monsters 2.”

However, even if that were to happen, it wouldn’t be for quite some time. Cuthbert said that a new Monsters would be quite a ways off, but certainly a possibility. It would have to be part of PixelJunk “Series 2, so it will be in 3D in some way.” The current series of games has been dubbed Series 1, which is noted by the 2D art style.

Would you like another PixelJunk Monsters game? I for one don’t know what could be added to the Tower Defense genre, but since I’m not a game designer that isn’t my problem. All I do know is that more PixelJunk is good news for everyone.