EA Aims to ‘Create’ Family Moments

For those of you who aren’t aware of this new puzzler, Create tasks you with decorating the landscape and adding props and other objects in order to complete the puzzle. A little like LittleBigPlanet cross with a Rube Goldberg Machine in a way.

EA are hoping to make this game accessible to every member of the family. Speaking with MCV, EA producer Justin Manning said that:

“We wanted to make this accessible for kids with families who don’t play games regularly. Parents want time with their kids to play games but they don’t want to pick up a controller – it’s often intimidating and kids are usually better. Create allows everybody in the room to get involved. It’s aimed at parents, who can sit with their children, chip in and be constructive while their children are constantly involved and engaged.”

Manning also stated how the team wanted the game to have long term appeal, rather than a majority of its interest being on release.

“A lot of titles have a small window of selling but people could pick this up in two years’ time and still enjoy it. Whether it makes a big splash at Christmas or not, people will still be enjoying it quarter after quarter.”

With the ability to share user created puzzles and with PlayStation Move support, Create could turn in to the important IP EA are hoping for.