EA Canada Hustling to Make NBA Jam Feature Packed

Since EA decided to delay NBA Elite 11 early last week, it has easily become the most talked about sports game of the year.  Before the delay though, the original problem surrounding Elite 11 was in the inclusion of ‘3 modes’ of EA Canada’s NBA Jam relaunch. Fans were furious that they had to buy Elite 11 to access the game. My, how things have changed! Since the delay, EA has decided to change NBA Jam from an add-on game to a full game, to help cash-in on some of the sales lost from the Elite delay. Now the team at EA Canada is rushing to make the game featured packed and has very little time to do so on the next-gen consoles.

In an interview with Toronto Sports Radio Show, ‘Got Game’ Creative director of NBA Jam Trey Smith talked about his team received the news that Jam was now going to be featured packed and had to be done so ASAP.

We got this bomb dropped on us just a couple days ago, as well. So we’re shuffling to get everything together, but we got a great team; we got a lot of stuff up and working; we’re gonna polish it up; we’re gonna get it out there before holidays.

Trey also talked about how the team had the online mode for the PS3 version of NBA Jam and how it was a  “really basic online feature set”,  and is now going to have to change. The three modes that were to be include on the bonus version of the game were going to be Play Now, Classic campaign, and online versus modes, which the team is looking to “blow out” to justify the new price tag.

Trey promises that the team is  “doing everything in our power to get as much on there as possible” before the games release later this fall, included the highly talked about ‘remix mode’ which has taken EA Canada’s tester around 38 hours to complete. Nice.

What do you think, fellow NBA fans? Have the overwhelming positive reviews for NBA 2k11 swayed you throw down your hard-earned cash to take on Basketball legend himself, Michael Jordan or will you be giving NBA Jam a chance when it releases this fall? Let us know in the comments below!