First Look at Captain America: Super Soldier

October 8, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Movie tie-in games don’t have the best of reputations, but even in its pre-alpha stage Captain America: Super Soldier is starting to look promising. Sega has released a video showing the Sentinel of Liberty in action – prepare to have some of your doubts erased.

In the first trailer released for Captain America: Super Soldier, it’s clear that Sega “gets” what Captain Rogers should be capable of, and how it should be executed. While some elements shine more than others, the smooth acrobatics, early fight system and shield usage are on the right track.

Of all the moments in the trailer, one stands out – in a truly iconic comic book sort of way: Cap takes out 3 enemies with shield redirection and then smoothly puts it back on his back. Nice.

Even with Super Soldier way off, it definitely captures your attention. After watching it below, what do you think?