Captain America’s Marvel’s Avengers Profile Calls the Events of A-Day Into Question

Since the game’s E3 2019 announcement, it’s been made perfectly clear Captain America won’t survive the opening of Marvel’s Avengers. The event leading to Cap’s death, known as A-Day, recently received a much lengthier preview during a gameplay demo footage. This gameplay also indicates Cap’s time in Marvel’s Avengers will be cut by his A-Day sacrifice.

A brief trailer at the end of the footage shows the Avengers mourning and the public erecting statues in his honor. Might these events not be as cut and dry as they seem, though? In a Character Profile video for the hero, he’s seen fighting baddies in the snow, something that certainly wasn’t possible during A-Day.

The Character Profile recently went live on the game’s official YouTube page. It’s incredibly brief, lasting only 35 seconds long; gameplay receives the spotlight for roughly less than half that time. Still, Captain America’s snowy adventures are notable.

Check out Captain America’s profile in the video below:

This footage representing a World War II flashback could offer one seeming possibility. However, Cap’s suit and the appearance of A.I.M. androids suggests this is all a bit more modern, especially since the science organization will be a major player in the overarching narrative of Marvel’s Avengers.

Historically, A.I.M.’s androids have been designed to target and replace Captain America. Since he’s fighting them in the video above, it seems that may be the case in the Crystal Dynamics title, too. Regardless, this hardly explains the soldier’s A-Day survival. But, given Cap’s comic history with that fickle thing known as death, who’s to say A-Day marks the time of his death in Marvel’s Avengers?

There are a couple of other things worth noting in the Character Profile. For one, this iteration of the hero has a birthdate of July 4, 1920, according to the profile screen at the video’s start. 1920 as his year of birth appears more in line with the Captain America of comics, depending on writer, iteration, etc. Meanwhile, his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart’s birth year is in 1918.

Also noticeable, though very briefly, is that his suit changes. The profile picture on display in the video has him donning the default Marvel’s Avengers garb, while a quick screen at the 18 second mark shows him wearing something a bit different. Will this serve as an alternate costume or is this a tease of something else?

We’ll find out for sure when the game hits the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on May 15, 2020.