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19-Minute Gameplay Demo for Marvel’s Avengers May Put Some Concerns to Rest

As promised, Square Enix has unleashed the full 19-minute A-Day prologue for Marvel’s Avengers. It features the footage shown off during the E3 2019 demo and additional gameplay for Captain America and Black Widow. While questions still abound about the game’s mission structure and story progression, the new gamescom demo might at least help with any concerns people may have regarding gameplay. The footage demonstrates how each character works, as there’s seemingly an unexpected depth to the gameplay.

See Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in action courtesy of the A-Day Prologue footage below:

Because they haven’t previously been shown publicly, not in good video quality at least, Captain America and Black Widow kind of steal the show. Each character’s individuality truly shines here, as their strengths and weaknesses are easily discernible. Thankfully, this is most notably reflected in all of the heroes’ combat encounters. For instance, Captain America relies on his shield. However, how much he relies on it could be up to the player’s discretion. If so, it stands to reason the same could be true of how often Natasha uses her dual pistols, which seems very Tomb Raider-esque. Given developer Crystal Dynamics’ history with Lara Croft, this is not too surprising.

With the game being roughly nine months out from release, there’s still plenty of time for Square Enix to offer even further deep dives into gameplay. Hopefully, future footage will see missions and other elements of the title expanded upon.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch next spring for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 15, 2020. According to the game’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel, there is a Collector’s Edition of some kind in the works, which will apparently feature a Captain American statue from Gentle Giant. However, those details have not yet been fully divulged.