Gameplay Footage of Marvel’s Avengers Has Leaked From San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con attendees were in for a treat, as they had the opportunity to check out exclusive gameplay footage of Marvel’s Avengers. That footage, which wasn’t planned to be made public until after Gamescom 2019, has now leaked! You can check it out below, until it inevitably gets taken down.

Here’s some footage of that Marvel’s Avengers gameplay demo from SDCC 2019.

This footage comes by way of a YouTube channel called PS5 Intel. Of course, this wasn’t supposed to be filmed, as these behind-closed-doors events are usually strict about attendees having their phones or cameras out during the presentations. (Perhaps that is why the footage isn’t always steady.)

The footage showed Thor bashing enemies with his hammer, while flying around and interacting with the environment to save civilians. There was also a section reminiscent of 2018’s God of War, in which Thor threw his hammer like a boomerang and waited for it to return to his hand.

There was a point in which the perspective then switched to Iron Man, during which the player could shoot enemies during what seemed like an on-rails section. After this, the player gained full control of the character and, much like in Thor’s section, we got to see Iron Man take down some baddies. Iron Man’s attacks were a blend of long range blasts and hand-to-hand combat.

After a cinematic look at Bruce Banner diving out of a plane and smashing onto the ground as Hulk, we got to see him in action as well. His attacks were what you’d expect: large heavy punches and using another enemy as a weapon to ram into others.

The quality of the footage wasn’t the best, since the camera kept moving, but it will at least give you a taste of what’s to come with Marvel’s Avengers. Those who want to see the official gameplay footage will have to wait until late August to do so.

Square Enix has a lot to prove with Marvel’s Avengers, as many were left disappointed with what was shown at E3 2019. We got to check out some behind-closed-doors footage at E3 and were left puzzled by what the game is supposed to be. And with the confusing marketing regarding the online portion of the game, there’s a lot we still don’t know. Square Enix still has some time, as Marvel’s Avengers is slated for a May 15, 2020 release date.

What do you make of this footage? Does it put any worries to rest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Source: YouTube via Destructoid]