Jordan Speaks Out on NBA2K11

October 9, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Michael Jordan. His persona, skills on the court, and work ethic is legendary. Jordan has appeared in several basketball videogames including a title where he single-handedly saves the windy city. Through it all, he’s been relatively silent about his game appearances…until now.

In a recent statement, Michael Jordan went on record sharing his feelings about NBA 2K11. His very candid remarks may surprise you. Jordan stated “Seeing 2K Sports recreate some of the greatest moments from my career is incredible,”. He added:

I’m really impressed with the authenticity of NBA 2K11 – everything from my facial expressions, my moves, my shoes, to my opponents and rivals on the court – and I think gamers will be, too.

It’s one thing to win several championships and then retire.  It’s quite another to come out of retirement and then do it again. For gamers who have never seen Jordan play, they can recreate some of his greatest moments in the NBA. For those who have, it’s a trip down memory lane. Either way one thing is certain: no matter where you are when you play NBA2K11, Michael Jordan approves.