Capcom KOs Super Street Figher IV Console DLC

Awhile back, we reported that Yoshinori Ono had plans to release an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV) as DLC for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But now, it looks like Ono-san’s plans may have taken a blow just below the belt by Capcom.

Recently on Twitter, Producer Ono said that he is struggling with the upper echelon of Capcom to see the SSFIV arcade DLC take its place in the online market.

“I couldn’t [get] approval from [upper level staff], but I’ll continue [the] proposal! I got approval from my boss, Keiji Inafune, but I can’t [get] it from [upper level staff].”

It’s great to know that Ono-san hasn’t tossed in the towel yet on this match. Perhaps we will see this addition hit the PSN market, just not any time soon.