street fighter aew shirt

Pro Wrestling and Gaming Cross Over Once More With Street Fighter x AEW Limited Edition Shirt

Pro wrestling and gaming just go together too well, so it makes perfect sense that Street Fighter and Capcom would team up with AEW once more for a limited edition shirt collaboration featuring one spectacular Trios match.  street fighter aew shirt

This limited to 250 units merch being sold by AEW on their official gear website is a collaboration between Capcom and Nerds Clothing, which have worked in the past with AEW on other limited edition wrestling items. The shirt features a three-on-three dream match of Ryu, Ken, and Akuma versus Kenny Omega and Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks (all of whom are part of the AEW front office of decision-makers for those not in the know.) The shirt isn’t so much of a stretch thanks to the fact that Omega and the Bucks recently cosplayed as the Capcom trio they face off against on this shirt one year ago at the first annual Fyter Fest, a show that was originally a collaboration between AEW and the fighting game tournament CEO in Orlando, Florida.

There’s an undeniable connection between the professional wrestlers of today and video games. More wrestlers than ever are streaming in their spare time while on the road on Twitch, some have started successful YouTube channels, and let’s not forget the time recently when a wrestler came out to Megalovania from Undertale while dressed as Sans. That same wrestler, All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega is not only a huge gamer but a name in the fighting game community, with his own licensed fight stick and even a few tournament appearances to his name.

If you’re looking to buy some new AEW gear ahead of the start of this year’s Fyter Fest–Night One is tonight at 8 pm on TNT–then you’ll want to move quickly, as this shirt is quite limited and appears to already be selling if Twitter reactions are anything to go by. Honestly, it’s a rad shirt and I might just go get one myself, assuming I don’t buy an Orange Cassidy beach towel by the end of the day.