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Add Hakan or We Riot: New Characters, Final Season Coming To Street Fighter V

The fighter that keeps going despite a resounding shrug of the shoulders from its audience continues forward. New characters and a new—and final—season are coming to Street Fighter V. The announcement feels a bit out of nowhere considering it wasn’t that long ago Capcom seemed to allude that the Seth update would be the final content addition to the four-year-old fighter. Announced in a blog post by the Capcom Unity team today (along with news of a freebie for current players and a costume contest), the five new characters will come along in the game’s fifth and final season for the least surprising synergy of all time. Get it? Street Fighter V? And “V” means five? And five is…you know what, nevermind.

The development team says in the post”We know our players are wondering what’s next for Street Fighter V, so we have some exciting news to share. Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season “V”, which will add “V” more fighters to the roster. Three new stages are also being planned.” This announcement leaves myriad questions open that the public is frothing with anticipation to hear. How many of these five new characters will be a version of Ryu or Akuma? Does Ken’s head still look like a banana? Is it time to oil up? Will this update break the game’s spectacularly bad net code once more? All of these questions–or none– and more will be answered in the coming months, as the SFV dev team works from home and plans for the future of the franchise.

But, seriously. Add Hakan to the game and I’ll preorder whatever you want me to preorder.