Street Fighter V Seth

Street Fighter V Bringing Back Seth as a Female Robot, Also Adding Gill Today

When Capcom announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, it was mostly to add new features to the game and refine it. The developer also announced that Street Fighter III‘s Gill would be added to the game to celebrate the update. Now it seems a second character will be returning to the fight as well. Seth, the final boss in Street Fighter IV, shall be added to the roster on February 14th, 2020, when the Champion Edition drops. Seth also has a major new look to go with the fighter’s release.

Since Seth is a supercomputer AI that can be uploaded into any robotic body and Street Fighter IV ended with Seth’s body being destroyed, they have a totally new look for the game. Specifically, Seth is now an obviously female robot. Despite the female form, Seth still keeps a very masculine voice. It’s certainly a drastic change, but one that works with the character and looks great to boot, making Seth stand out from its rather blasé original form. You can still get Seth in their original Street Fighter IV look with the Nostalgia costume. See the new Seth in action in the trailer below.

As far as fighting style goes, Seth’s main gimmick is that they can copy abilities from other fighters. Their V-skill ability, Tanden Engine, lets them take skills from their current opponent. For example, the trailer shows Seth hitting Guile with it and gaining access to his Sonic Boom attack as a result. Combine this with a bunch of twirling and spinning attacks, and you have a rather deadly opponent.

While you wait for Seth, the aforementioned Gill launched today, so you can try out the new character immediately. Some of the new features set to be added in the Champion Edition, such as every character getting a second set of V-skills, have also been added to the game. More small updates are expected to trickle out leading up to the version’s full launch in February.