Street Fighter V champion edition gill

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Bundle Adds Street Fighter III’s Gill in 2020, Available Separately Next Month

As is common with Street Fighter titles and their multiple releases, re-releases, and re-re-releases, Street Fighter V is getting a complete edition, giving you a convenient way to enjoy most of the game’s content all bundled together. Titled Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, this bundle launches for PS4 on February 14, 2020 for $29.99. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like pummeling the snot out of your friends in one of Capcom’s most beloved games.

This bundle will include Gill, who appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation as the game’s antagonist. Gill will also be available individually starting next month ($5.99 or 100,000 in-game fight money) if you don’t want to wait for the bundle. Champion Edition will include 40 characters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes, and is available to preorder now. In addition to Gill, a new stage called “Sun Chase Moon” will be added to the game in December for $3.99, or 70,000 fight money (or as part of the Champion Edition bundle).

Preordering will net you a new color for each character, so if you’re thinking about grabbing it, get your preorders in now. In addition, if you already own Street Fighter V and want access to Champion Edition content as it becomes available in the lead up to release, you can pay $24.99 to upgrade.

It’s worth noting that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition does not include 100% of the game’s content. The Fighting Chance, Capcom Pro Tour, and Brand Collaboration costumes will not be included.

This bundle is a testament to Capcom’s continued support of Street Fighter V, even after the game’s arguably rocky launch in 2016. Many were disappointed with its lack of content which was eventually resolved over time as more was added. Now there’s no shortage of Street Fighter content to enjoy and the Champion Edition makes it easy to get started if you have yet to jump in.

Although past iterations of Street Fighter have released on Xbox and various Nintendo platforms, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will release for PS4 and PC only, continuing the game’s PlayStation console exclusivity.

[Source: Capcom]