NBA Jam Scores Release Date

Electronic Arts has announced that the release date for NBA Jam. The game was originally set to be included with NBA Elite 11, but after the game’s delay EA decided that NBA Jam would see a retail release by itself. Online play has also been announced for the title.

NBA Jam is currently scheduled for a release on November 17th, 2010 in the US, and the 26th in the UK. A completely free title update will be released during December to include online multiplayer functionality. Modes such as Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination and more will be a part of the online component. Creative director of NBA Jam Trey Smith said:

“Fans will be able to play Classic JAM online right out of the box, and can expect to enjoy features like Team-up, Remix Online, Jam Party, Online Progression, and even more secret players and teams, in December.”