Controller Lag Out, Weapon Weight In For Killzone 3

November 13, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Many Killzone fans may remember the notorious lag that was ever present within Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2. When the developers promised that the issue will be completely fixed in Killzone 3, many people worried that the weapon weight would be blotted out as well. Guerrilla Games says that is not the case.

Senior producer Steven Ter Heide stated that most gamers had the two concepts of “lag” and “weight” confused. He had plenty to say to explain how eliminating one won’t necessarily affect the other.

“Controls are very important and have been quite the challenge. There still is some confusion about the ‘weighty’ feel and lag. Those two things are different. We removed the lag completely. This means that when you press a button or move a stick, things happen. This is instantaneous, as it should be. This was a problem with Killzone 2 that we in part remedied with a patch.

“The weighty feel and skill required to pull of shots comes from things like animation and weapon setup with things like recoil. We are carefully balancing the weapons so each retains its properties and plays into people’s preferences. We’re not done yet, and part of why we do a public beta is to get more feedback on top of all of the playtesting we have already done.

“Fine-tuning this will go on for a while as it’s very important to get that right feeling. We’re looking for something that is easy to get into, and takes skill to master.”

After having some hands-on time with Killzone 3 beta, we can safely say that the lag issue has been resolved and that the feel of the weapons is definitely heading in the proper direction. Thankfully, this should also quiet the current online whiners who blame their Kill/Death ratio due to the lag.