Worlds Collide Next February For Marvel vs Capcom 3

After a 10-year wait, Marvel and Capcom fanboy dreams are close to coming true. Announced earlier this year, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 looks to feature one of the most radical rosters of characters in the series to date, and it may be coming sooner than expected.

Fans will be able to finally get their grubby hands on Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds on February 15th in the US and February 19th in the UK and EU. In addition, Gamestop is offering a relatively cheap Collector’s Edition for one of the biggest fighting games of 2011, which will include:

  • A steelbook collector’s case.
  • 1-month access to Marvel’s online digital comic network.
  • A 12-page prologue comic written by Marvel’s Frank Tieri.
  • DLC voucher for Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath, available 4 weeks after launch.

All for the oh so nice price of only $69.99, which is $10 above the suggested retail price.

Speaking of new characters, Capcom recently confirmed that both She-Hulk and fan favorite Mega Man X character, Zero would be joining the roster. No word if Jill and Shuma are Collector’s edition only exclusives or if they will be available to all, but knowing Capcom, we should all have a chance to obtain them for a price sometime down the road.

What do you say, Marvel Vs Capcom fans? Has the roster been what you wanted? Will you be pre-odering the Collector’s Edition? Let us know in the comments below!