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November 21, 2010Written by Jeff Belote

Sly Minigames are a collection of mini games that are part of The Sly Collection that was recently remastered in HD for the PlayStation 3. Sly Cooper Minigames have eight trophies among them including 4 bronze, 2 silver and 2 gold.

Note: In order to unlock all of the mini games you will have to complete the “Prologue” for all three Sly Cooper Games that are also a part of The Sly Collection.

Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Play Treasure Snagging!

Play a game of Treasure Snagging!

Move It! (Silver)Score 5,000 in Treasure Snagging.

Coins will fall from the top of the screen. You will need to place the cursor on the coin and press the “X” button to activate it, then tilt the controller back towards you to collect the coin. This will give you 500 points. A star will also fall during the course of the game. It is worth 1000 points so make sure you grab it. Score 5,000 points for the trophy.

Trained Student (Bronze)Play Guru Dart Shooter.

Play a game of Guru Dart Shooter.

Pink Hippo Mash (Gold)Score 6,000 in Guru Dart Shooter.

The object of this game is to shoot your enemies while avoiding the Guru. Use your crosshairs to aim at your enemies and press”R1″ to shoot. Each enemy you hit is worth 250 points. Occasionally a red bat will fly across the screen. It is worth 1000 points so make sure you hit it. Score 6,000 points for the trophy.

Where is Penelope? (Bronze)Play Bently RC Race.

Play a game of Bently RC Race.

Remote Controlled Turtle (Silver)Score 8,000 in Bently RC Race.

In this mini game you control an RC helicopter that you must navigate through rings while avoiding mines scattered throughout the sky. Each ring you pass through is worth 200 points. Every time you hit a mine you will lose 100 points and destroy your helicopter though. At the end of the course there is a checkered flag that is worth 1000 points. Score 8,000 points for the trophy.

Interpol Rookie (Bronze)Play Interpol Target Practice.

Play a game of Interpol Target Practice.

Carmelita Crime Crunch (Gold)Score 7,000 in Interpol Target Practice.

The idea here is to hit the target on the screen. If you hit the very center of the target you will be awarded bonus points. Use your crosshairs to aim your shot and press “R1” to shoot. Score 7,000 points for the trophy.

NOTE: Please use the table of contents or the below visual guide to navigate to each Sly Cooper game featured in The Sly Collection.


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