More VGA Teasers Hint At World Premiers

Spike TV are building up as much hype as they can for their world premier packed Video Game Awards, releasing cryptic teasers in their trailers, teasing what will be shown. Now PlayStation LifeStyle has uncovered the latest set of hints from the studio.

In their latest trailer, entitled “Be The First”, they have built upon the previous, zombie and murder hints from before.

First, there is the second in a set of 3 pictures (see 1 here) on a zombie game:

The second picture that flashes up is a barcode (see here) that links to this picture:

“Your” most likely follows on from “Murder” to build up to “Murder Your ___”.

Don’t worry if the teasers aren’t giving you enough information, GTTV’s host Geoff Keighley tweeted:

Tons of news next week.

Have you spotted anything else? Let us know in the comments below.