The Fight: Lights Out Has More Up its Sleeve

December 1, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

The Fight: Lights Out was the PlayStation Move’s attempt at showing that it could work on core titles. Unfortunately, it fell short of appealing to the core crowd, or to critics. But, for those of you that did enjoy the game, Sony is about to land a one two punch.

Over on the PSBlog, Sony announced that a new patch is on the way that will be fixing a few issues and improving things that they had received feedback on, including giving you the ability to make your character transparent. They also announced a future DLC pack, that will give you the chance to fight as all of the boss characters including Duke, simply named the Duke DLC. There was no date given for the DLC pack, but you can get a hold of the patch today.

Finally, for those of you that may be having issue with The Fight: Lights Out, and maybe feel your just not playing it right, they also posted a video giving players tips. So now you can really feel like a bad ass.