Delay Deployed for Red Faction: Origins

December 4, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Video game movies — you know deep down you have a soft spot for them. From the wonderfully bad Super Mario Bros., to the recent blockbuster Prince of Persia movie: no matter what the budget, they all seem to turn out the same. Hoping to buck that stigma, THQ announced back in July that they would be bringing a Red Faction movie to television this March. However, don’t plan on setting your DVRs anytime soon.

Originally slated for a March release, Red Faction: Origins follows Alec Mason’s last surviving son, Jake, who fights against a new human army dedicated to destroying the Red Faction. To make things even more interesting, Jake’s sister has somehow gotten herself involved with the opposing army.

Unfortunately, if you were having a hard time waiting for the release, you are going to have even more time to wait. Announced today, via his Twitter, THQ CEO Danny Bilson had this to say:

Red Faction SyFi movie started prep this week! Shoot starts in January…airs in May with game release. More to come….

On the bright side, since this is coming out on Syfy, the extra time should give them even more time to come up with some crazy fish/eel/duck monster to create mayhem. Look for more info as the production gets under way this January.