Twisted Metal Won’t be Jumping Out of Your TV

Over the past year, Sony has been pushing 3D hard, from their new TV’s, to their over the top E3 conference, 3D is everywhere. They’ve also made huge strides in adding it to all of their major franchises, with 3D coming to over 50 titles for the PS3, but it looks like one of their upcoming heavy hitters won’t be joining in on the fun.

David Jaffe, Co-Director and Co-Lead Designer for Twisted Metal, who has never been short on words, was answering questions on NeoGAF about his upcoming game Twisted Metal. When asked if it would have 3D, Jaffe had this to say:

No 3D planned. I don’t know much about it but I am under the impression to do 3D your game has to run at 60fps, yes? That may be wrong but for some reason I was under this impression since you have to draw the screen twice at the same time to get the effect to work.

We are a running on a kick ass engine but with all our game design require of that engine, TMPS3 at 60fps is not going to happen. I mean, you never know as our engineers are stunningly good and you never know what fun surprises they will bring to the table from day to day, but given the challenge at hand, I’m not holding my breath.

Ultimately this shouldn’t be a huge issue and it is highly doubtful this would have any negative effects on sales, but it is rather surprising since Twisted Metal should be one of Sony’s key franchises releasing next year. Jaffe did leave the option open, so as we approach the vague 2011 release date we will bring you any more info as it comes out.