Get a Glimps Behind the Scenes of L.A. Noire

December 15, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

L.A. Noire has been in development for well over five years now, and for the most part, gamers have had to come up with images in their head on what it could possiblY be like. Recently, though, we have gotten a few morsels of info as well as some actual images of the game. Well, hold on tight as there is even more information just around the corner.

Announced today on Rockstar’s site, on December 16th we will be getting “A Special Look Behind the Scenes of L.A. Noire”. Now before you get super excited, you should be warned that this behind the scene look will be on the MotionScan technology, which is used to create the lifelike characters in the game.

Even though the post does not state if there will be actual gameplay footage or not, there still is the possibility of something. Whatever happens as we approach the Spring 2011 release date you can be sure that we will be getting more information.