Face a Lineup of L.A. Noire Screens

December 7, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Many gamers have been patiently waiting for the crime thriller L.A. Noire, which is set in a 1947 version of Los Angeles. Team Bondi and Rockstar Games have slowly been teasing gamers with small bits of information that is only leaving us in even more anticipation for the release of this title. The premise of the game allows players to solve various crimes around Los Angeles within the game. Well today Rockstar treated fans with some new screenshots of L.A. Noire. Enjoy.

A total of 4 new screens were released today, each showing different elements of the game. These range from inspecting suspects to investigating a crime scene.

Considering that this game is still a ways off on it’s release, which is in 2011, what other things would you like to see implemented within the upcoming game?