Modern Combat: Domination Gets ‘Moving’ Closer to Its Release

With Battlefield: Bad Company, Modern Warfare and Medal of Honor, you’d be forgiven for thinking the modern first person shooter market was over-saturated, but one developer believes that there is a gap in the market. In steps Modern Combat: Domination, which is set for release on the PlayStation Network next month and is shaping up to be one of the biggest shooters on the store. Jen Kye, Social Media Editor over at Gameloft has now confirmed something special about the game: Move Support.

The game is set to feature a robust online multiplayer spanning from the deserts of the Middle East to Western metropolitan cities. The game will be heavily strategic and require a lot of teamwork with a more hardcore gameplay style similar to Socom. Modern Combat will also feature unlocks and customization, like equipping a fore-grip to reduce the recoil of your weapon.

Check out the rest of the information on the PS Blog here and we hope to see you online next month when Modern Combat: Domination releases on the PSN.