Square Enix Dramatically Decreases Fiscal Forecast for Two Reasons

December 18, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

It was only a week ago that Square Enix announced major structure changes to the team working on the incredibly disappointing MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Meanwhile, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was delayed beyond the scope of the 2010 fiscal year. With these impactful moves coming within only days of each other, it’s no wonder why Square Enix has altered its financial forecasts.

In Square Enix’s new fiscal forecast, the company has dramatically reduced its income expectancy from the original 12 billion yen net income to only 1 billion yen. As highlighted by the document, Final Fantasy XIV and Deus Ex: Human Revolution have been labeled as unsatisfactory, and as a result have significantly impacted the yearly results for Square Enix.

Although the new Deus Ex looks like a great game, I have only had bad experiences with Final Fantasy XIV. After an early head-start with the Collector’s Edition, I was quickly bored with the rudimentary design of the game, and the overall sluggishness of gameplay. This is particularly concerning since I was a huge Final Fantasy XI fan, and even Final Fantasy in general. These latest forecasts are alarming and directly tell the tale of a game that had so much potential, but has failed to even get near to reaching it. Myself and fellow Final Fantasy fans can only hope that these recent changes to the FFXIV team, and the alarming income forecasts, are enough to breathe life into the game.