The Toughest PS3 You Will Ever See

December 22, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

As we all know, the PlayStation 3 is already a rather rugged gaming machine. After all, you haven’t heard of mass failures like other consoles, have you? But I don’t think it could withstand a bullet…until now.

The modification master himself Benjamin Heckerdorn, aka Ben Heck, took on a special commission for a couple currently stationed on a military based in Afghanistan. Using a military-grade Pelican iM2600 Store Case (no, not the video game accessories manufacturer Pelican), Ben was able to stick a fully functioning PS3 inside the box along with an integrated LCD screen onto the top. All in all, the device ended up turning into a pretty incredible mod fully able to withstand battle-ready conditions. If you want to check out how Ben Heck went through the entire process, check out his Revision 3 show below.

The couple that originally proposed the idea, Kris and Erica Kokkeby, have since gone on to form their own company specializing in these ruggedized gaming consoles. Rugged Outdoor Gaming Units, Etc, or R.O.G.U.E., now specializes in, what they call, the PeliStation, a fully functional PS3 capable of withstanding deadly situations. The units are currently scheduled to go on sale in Spring of 2011, so it’d make a great present for someone stationed overseas. A true gamer will never leave a console behind, and now you won’t have to.