Bad Company 2 Starts the New Year Off Right With Operation Hastings

EA and Dice have supported their game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, more than any other FPS out last year. There were a total of seven free map-packs released since the game launched back in March. Then, in December, they released the much-anticipated ‘Vietnam’ expansion pack. Looking to start the New Year off with a bang, Battlefield Bad Company 2 got yet another new map for all of us to enjoy.

Late last year, EA and Dice offered up a challenge to all BFBC 2 players. If gamers could get 69 million team challenge points then a new map would be unlocked, completely free.  Although it does not seem that the challenge was met, Dice has decided to unlock the map anyways for the New Year.

The new map, Operation Hastings, is a remake of one of the most popular maps from 2004’s Battlefield: Vietnam. Offering two unique areas of battle separated by a bridge, the Operation Hastings map will offer some unique battle scenarios, while including all the mayhem Battlefield fans have come to love.