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Hardcore Killzone Fan Creates Card Game

January 12, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

The Killzone universe is filled with a rich and diverse history, spanning the main Killzone trilogy and the PlayStation Portable game, causing the franchise to grow a considerable fan-base. An extremely devoted follower of the series has created the ultimate tribute to Killzone – a full card game, with a complete ruleset and easy to print cards.

Killzone aficionado thepineapple1 released this very detailed card game in two packs, one each for the Helghast and ISA armies. Originally up on a page at the Killzone Wikia, there are some issues concerning whether or not the page will be allowed on the site since it is a fan-crafted project and not an official creation. Politics aside, however, you can download the two packs, complete with game rules and damage counters, at the links below. Which card is your favorite?

Download the Helghast pack here, and the ISA pack here. If you’d rather just sample some of the artwork, we’ve got the Helghast pack featured in the gallery below. Enjoy!