Mass Effect 2 To Hit PSN Next Week

January 12, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

PlayStation users should be feeling the love from BioWare when Mass Effect 2 releases on PlayStation 3 later next week. The developer has taken large steps to ensure that the PS3 version stands out from other versions, which hopefully makes up for the long wait PS3 users have endured. Earlier today, BioWare’s Community Coordinator, Chris Priestly, announced that when ME2 releases next week in stores for PS3, it will also be available on PSN for digital download!

If you haven’t tried the ME2 demo yet, we highly recommended you do so now. It includes a lengthy summary of the events from the original game to catch you up on what is going on, and then thrusts players into the opening sequence of the game. You’ll get a chance to customize your own character, and get the hang of doing battle using the third person cover system. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then “Evil” Chris Priestly has a treat for you. He announced that PlayStation Plus members will get a free full game trial, allowing 60 minutes of game time with the full version. Both PS+ and regular PSN users will be able to purchase the entire game on launch day for the PlayStation Network, with the download weighing in at approximately 12 GB.

In comparison to the original 360 version, everything has been given a slight upgrade. Graphics are clearer, the controls are tightened up for DualShock use, and the game is running on the Mass Effect 3 game engine. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple months, it should also be noted that a comic book style intro will be included in the full game. In the original version critical choices from the first entry in the series were taken into account by reading the old save game files. Since PS3 users don’t have those files, the comic book intro will not only summarize the story line thus far, but also give players a chance to make those critical decisions. If they so choose, they may also skip this intro to play by the default settings. In addition, the PS3 edition will also include all of the DLC packs previously available for purchase on other platforms, making this a good deal at $60, despite it being a year old game.

Will you be buying ME2 when it releases January 18th, and if so will you be buying the retail game, or downloading it through the PSN?