Potential Final Fantasy XIII Sequel Materializes from Domain Registry

A recent domain spotting by superannuation is making it look very likely that Final Fantasy XIII will be seeing a sequel. The registered domain is finalfantasy13-2game.com and was registered by Corporation Service Company, who also submitted domains for other Square Enix games such as the soon to be released Mindjack.

This is not proof that a sequel is in the works, and for all we know Square Enix could just be keeping the domain warm. However, with the registration done by the same company who handled most of Square’s recent domains, and the fact that the team behind Final Fantasy X-2 went directly from development of that title to Final Fantasy XIII makes this taste a bit truthful.

Square Enix has been reached out to for further comment and until word from them, this is all speculation. If you want to check out the registration for yourself, just head on over here.