Valve Isn’t Worried About the PS3 Hacks

We all know about the security breaches that hit the PlayStation 3 as of late, and the ramifications could be astounding. Well, maybe only for some people at least. Other developers believe they will be fine.

Considering Valve has been the industry leader in piracy prevention on the PC, their words definitely seem accurate. Portal 2 writer Chet Faliszek doesn’t like the position that Sony is in one bit, but he believes that it won’t compromise their faith in the platform or their games.

We’ll be fine. Bad for [Sony]. I mean, you know, no-one likes to see that but we have no concern, we’re not worried about it for Portal being on the PS3. I don’t think it’s going to have any impact at all.

This news comes shortly after the announcement of including a PC/Mac version of Portal 2 with each copy of the PS3 edition of the game. If this doesn’t solidify Valve’s dedication to the PlayStation platform, I don’t know what does.