Q-Games Has Free Treat For Owners of Both PixelJunk Shooter Games

PixelJunk games always garner a hefty fanbase and PixelJunk Shooter was no exception. To reward the legions of loyal fans, Q-Games has a surprise in store for owners of the original game and it’s sequel.

Gamers tend to develop relationships with their favorite games and developers. In any strong relationship, there’s some give and take. And in this case, Q-Games is giving owners of both PixelJunk Shooter games a special treat when PixelJunk Shooter 2 releases.

Q-Games founder, Dylan Cuthbert revealed the following in an exclusive PSN 2011 Preview Week interview:

there will be a little freebie available to people who purchased both games!

PixelJunk Shooter is one of our highest rated PlayStation Network titles and shouldn’t be missed. But if you did, this incentive is should be more than enough to get you to buy it.

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