Batman: Arkham City Expands its Estate

Batman: Arkham Asylam finally gave gamers the Batman game they awaited for years. One thing that really made it stand out were the wonderfully detailed environments. From the outdoor areas, to the confined spaces of the properly themed facilities, the island was a character in and of itself. Looking to expand on this success, Rocksteady let us know just how much bigger we can expect Batman: Arkham City to be.

In a recent interview, Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady Studios, had this to say about how much larger the environments will be in Arkham Asylum‘s successor:

The footprint of Arkham City is about five times bigger than Arkham Island,

He does go on to explain that although you can go anywhere at anytime, you will always have a clear idea of where to go, so you can simply stick with the story, and not explore at all if you so desire. If you do decide to explore, and take advantage of the extra space, Hill explained what you may encounter.

Explore the streets of Arkham City, and you will find many side missions, secrets, and street brawls, so players won’t find it difficult to get into some trouble if that’s what they are looking for.

With Batman: Arkham City not releasing until fall, we will still have plenty of time to get more information as we quickly and inevitably approach its release.