Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Network Maintenance

It seems that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 picked something up in the jungles of Vietnam. We’re hoping it’s not contagious.

The PS3 version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be getting a shot in the arm later tonight, February 3rd, to fix some statistics issues. The PC version had its booster shot February 1st — now it’s our turn.

Following the 5 hour maintenance window (!), players may see “statistics issues” over the following 2 hours while the dust settles. That is, assuming they survive the effects of the fragging withdrawals.

10:00 pm PDT – 3:00 am PDT

0:01 am EST – 5:00 am EST

06:00 GMT – 11:00 GMT

7:00 am CET – 12:00 am CET