Fallout: New Vegas DLC Coming to PS3 in the Near Future is a Good Bet

As with Fallout 3, the first Fallout: New Vegas expansion pack was exclusive to the Xbox 360, with no announcement of a PlayStation 3 version in sight. Bethesda Softworks is changing it up this time around and thankfully, PS3 owners won’t be shafted this time.

The first expansion pack to Obsidian Software’s wasteland Action-RPG hit Xbox 360’s on December 21st of last year. Many PS3 owners felt betrayed at the continued console exclusivity, but the wait won’t be much longer this time. Dead Money, the first expansion to Fallout: New Vegas will be launching on the PlayStation Network (and PC)  in just a few short weeks on February 22nd. A lot better than the nine months of exclusivity that Operation: Anchorage had for Fallout 3 no doubt.

What’s even more exciting however is that Bethesda Softworks is taking tighter control over their expansion releases in the future and has announced that the next three DLC packs will all be hitting all three platforms simultaneous. If you’re a Fallout fan (like PlayStation Lifestyle’s Josh), be sure to set aside plenty of time in the coming months for a return to the Wasteland.

Let’s just hope it won’t be as glitchy the launch this time.

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