LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean Shows its Cannons

Tell Tales’ LEGO games have always been favored by young and old who like to get away and experience the world of LEGO. We have seen countless fan favorite movies recreated in LEGO form, and this summer will be no different. Last year we received word that Pirates of the Caribbean would be experiencing the LEGO treatment, and today we got the first trailer, as well as a batch of screenshots.

The trailer is relatively short, and depicts the first time you see Jack Sparrow enter town on his sinking ship. It’s definitely more of a teaser, but if you’ve played any of Tell Tales’ previous LEGO games, you know that this will be full of fun comedic gameplay.

See the entire trailer below:

So are you a fan of the LEGO games, and if so what other movies would you like to see turned into LEGOS?