Saint’s Row 3 Serving Sentence this Fall

Saint’s Row has been one of the only games to rival GTA‘s sandbox-style open world this entire generation. With its over the top action and crazy storylines, it has gained quite a following of its own. Both Volition and THQ plan to set a “new bar” with the next title in the series, but there hasn’t been much revealed about the game or when we should expect it. That all ends today as THQ has revealed via its most recent earnings call just when we’ll see the fruits of their labor.

According to Brian Farrell, THQ CEO:

I have been place under a very tight gag order by our Saint’s Row team. Hang in there: you’re going to love it.

In THQ’s Q3 financials, the publisher revealed that Saint’s Row 3 is poised to hit shelves in Fall of this year. While that is not a definite release date, it helps give us an idea of when we should expect to see the game.