Japanese Homefront Fears North Korea

Homefront is a FPS that takes gamers 16 years into the future, to a world that has been taken over by North Korea. You take on the role of an average American, as you try to stop the occupying North Korean forces. This story has been perceived as both an interesting take on the future, but also rather controversial. Now, it looks like one country will be making major changed to the story.

In order for THQ to get Homefront approved by the Japanese rating board, CERO, certain aspects of the story had to be changed. First, Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s leader, has been completely removed from the opening cinematic. The other, more noticeable change, is that Kim Jong-il will be refereed to as “Northern Leader”, and North Korea has been changed to “A Certain Country to the North.” Apparently this all had to be changed do to CERO’s guidelines regarding the portrayal of existing people and countries.

Although this will allow the game to get rated in Japan, these changes obviously will take some of the impact away from the overall story. What do you think of this change, would something like this turn you away from purchasing this game, especially since the story really seems to be the driving force?