Killzone 3 Open Beta Makes a Strong Case, Pre-Orders and PS3 Sales Explode

Guerrilla Games unleashed the Killzone 3 open beta upon the world only a few days ago, and so far it has been speaking volumes. The gameplay polish, surreal setting, impressive Move controls, and fun classes have all been a reason for gamers to get antsy about the game’s marked release date later this month. But how has this affected the PlayStation 3?

HULIQ News has reported that there is a distinct correlation between a heavy dose of new Killzone 3 pre-orders, and increased PlayStation 3 SKU sales. Meanwhile, the game has consistently stuck to the top 10 bestsellers list on Amazon, even beating out a reasonably priced Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Truth be told, the open beta is impressive. Players who didn’t like the “heavy” controls in previous iterations of the series have found confidence in the new style, and the unique atmosphere is as surreal as they come. The Killzone universe has always been one busting with enormous potential, but small imperfections have managed to keep it at bay. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case this time around.

The PlayStation 3 has already seen three games earn perfect scores from us this year, and with 11 months left, this may very well be the best year for the console yet.