Still No Voice Chat in Dark Souls, but More Co-Operative Variations

Demon’s Souls has remained one of the most surprisingly well-thought out games this generation, and some would even go as far as saying that it is the best RPG in years. While the latter is arguable, there’s no denying that the gameplay mechanics set forth were fresh and exciting. However, the co-operative play was a a bit of a nuisance when attempting to play with friends, so the question is, will Dark Souls suffer the same fate?

When questioned about the co-op and how it will differ from Demon’s Souls, development director Hidetaka Miyazaki shared that while there will still be no voice chat in Dark Souls, there will at least be more variation. Hiyazaki said:

…for this game, because we are trying to achieve an original sort of game standard, we have deliberately not put in any voice chat. And, again, the network system is not to support multiple people at the same time but to enhance the single-player mode.

He also stated:

In terms of ways to cooperate, the number of variations has increased from Demon’s Souls.

In order to play with friends in Demon’s Souls, it was required that you were within 10 levels of one another, and met at a central summoning point. After rigorously battling to play with a friend or two, it became apparent that From Software had no intention for friends to play together, or at least not without jumping through hoops first. While Miyazaki didn’t elaborate on what will give the co-op in Dark Souls more variation, its mere mention is welcomed.

Would you prefer to see invite capabilities in Dark Souls? Or do you prefer the network-related nature of Demon’s Souls? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.